Not just a DIY store

See us on youtubeAre you fed up with buying pre-packs that either have too many, or don't have quite enough in them so you have to buy two packs and end up with too many and paying double?

Do you want to make it easy for yourself - Save time and money or do it yourself but you're not sure how? Take a look at our "here to help" services.

Are you paying for a three metre length when you really only want one?

Would you like someone to be available immediately to help you, and not have to stand around for ages at an information desk in the hope that someone will come soon.

Then do something different - give the superstores a miss and try us first!

Don't waste money buying what you don't need. We cut to size. Timber, MDF, hardboard, copper, metal and plastic tubing, Perspex, electrical cables, chain, ropes, washing lines, Velcro and much more!

Local stockists for Air fix, Humbrol, Balsa, Precision metals, Dylon, Rustins, HG hagesan, Original Windolene, Dethlac, Oracstar plumbing, Duracel, Council approved compostable bags.

Top tip When setting a mouse trap keep your fingers at the top end away from the spike .......otherwise it really hurts if the spring slips and pings back!

It's a myth ....... You think we will be dearer than the super stores... NOT TRUE! We are sometimes a lot cheaper, but don't take our word for it - check out our customer reviews on Facebook.

...YOU COULD SAVE MONEY? We sell hundreds of items loose so you can buy just one, three or fifty, it's up to you, then you don't pay more for the packaging!

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